Allison Wonderland is designed for every day life. Women should be able to look great while popping open a bottle of bubbles and breaking bread with family and friends. In 2011, designer Smith launched a complimentary eco-friendly sister line, Pillar.
Montreal label Birds of North America is the brainchild of designer Hayley Gibson, a fan of classic, modern design that survives trends and fast fashion.
Jennifer Glasgow is a Montreal based independent fashion designer creating simple, sophisticated yet feminine styles for women.
Kristen Laborde’s jewellery reflects the modern woman’s desire for individuality. Drawing inspiration from diverse ethnic backgrounds to shape her style, she uses materials from all corners of the globe.
Mia Melon specializes in stylish weatherproof outerwear. Born in rainy Vancouver, Mia Melon has evolved outdoor apparel technology, creating fabrics that stand up to the elements, while being nice to touch and comfortable. These hoodies and coats will keep you fashionably warm and dry.
One Man Outerwear was born out of demand sister label Mia Melon received for men's styles. Launched in 2015, One Man Outerwear focuses on high tech, weatherproof, fashion outerwear for men..
Architect turned fashion designer, Rachel Sin creates versatile collections of precisely tailored and perfectly detailed work wear and cocktail dresses.
Montreal based Valerie Dumaine projects an image of confidence, with clean elegant lines, embellished by a careful finished touch. Inspired by the past, the designer is a master when it comes to mix and match style, creating refined and bold garments.
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