Born and raised in Florida, as a young girl Julia Galdo had dreams of becoming a Marine Biologist. Her mother was president of the Greater Miami Shell Club, which gave Julia excuse to spend a great deal of time in the water doing weird stuff. Her love of the ocean pushed her to study science in college, until she made an unexpected jump to art school in her junior year. A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute - she has been fixed behind the camera lens since.
A true storyteller, Julia's work is fresh and whimsical. We are thrilled to present "Trip to Nowhere" as part of our Artist Project.

To see more of Julia's work, visit her website.
As a former boutique owner, I keep a very detailed description of a "dream store" in my head. Montreal based Reborn comes very close to my ideal store, with their wonderfully selected and edited stock. Check their site for their newly released Fall/Winter lineup.

Now, if only I could afford half of what they stock...

Pictured Above:

Henrik Vibskov Jacket - $599
Collection K Cardigan - $629
Complex Geometries Scarf Wrap - $220
In Spring 2009 - Paper-Doll will be launching a designer interview series and we need your help. What one question would you love to ask independent designers from all across the world? Enter your question, along with your email address, for your chance to win a pair of exquisite Justine Boots from 80%20! To enter, click here.

I'm not a big accessories person - I like to keep things clean and simple. But, I love scarves. I miss them terribly during the summer. It only makes sense then that one of my favourite designers lately is KaPow Wow. Not only do they make some of the most amazing scarves, each one is created from reclaimed textiles.

Visit:KaPow Wow
KidViskous is LA based designer Tiffany Lee's fun and quirky jewelry line. Her third collection borrows influence from the Nurave scene with lots of metallic, neon and playful silhouettes. Garnering wide spread attention are the Spex - nerd/Wayferer inspired glasses on a lightweight aluminum chain.
Visis: KidViskous or purchase online at Shopflick.

Now you can wear your sunglasses at night!
For many years, the Paper-Doll boutique sold strictly clothing. Then, one day we came across Ce Ce Chin's new label 80%20, and we were forced to break the clothes-only rule. Some of you avid Paper-Doll fans may remember the "I heart NYC", heart and rainbow printed slip-ons.

Moving away from the sweet and playful (thought not fully departing), 80%20 Fall 2008 is edgy and sexy. Have you ever seen a more divine boot than the Justine (pictured above left)? And I love 80%20's signature hidden wedge seen here in the Ashlee
Other favourites include the Jackie Pebble, Dani Patent (above), Ami & Diva (below).
Visit: 80%20
Holiday party season is just around the corner. Finding "the" dress always leaves me feeling super stressed out. Not this year! Anastasia Lomonova has me covered with her beautiful collection of dresses perfect for a wide range of holiday gatherings.

Now the only stress is deciding between gold, sequins or satin.

Pictured Above:
Renata Dress - $149
Cassidy Dress - $126
Diana Dress - $189
Faith Dress - $119
Penelope Dress - $189
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