The Spring / Summer '15 Designer Database is now online and includes a carefully curated list of 22 of our favourite independent Canadian designers. The above image is from Les Enfants Sauvages, a Montreal based label that builds each collection around unique fabrics from around the world.
At this point in the year, it feels as though winter will never end. Thankfully, Spring collections are being released, giving us a little hope and something to look forward to. One of the first collections making its debut this season is from Jennifer Glasgow. To see more from this and other collections by the talented Montreal based designer, click here
We're back with another edition of the Designer Database. View the Fall / Winter '14 collections from a carefully curated list of some of our favourite Canadian designers. Pictured above are Sophia and Norwegian Wood. Let us know if you have a favourite Canadian designer you'd like to see featured next season!
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February 5, 2014
It's been so quiet around here...but for good reason. Long time readers will know that Paper-Doll used to be a great little online boutique. When I closed up shop, I launched a new business (Fashioncan) that helps independent designers set up and manage online boutiques of their own. The more the new operation grew, the less time I had to update this blog. Despite the silence, I'm still very much invested in the Canadian fashion scene - and if you're reading this you might be as well! If you'd like to keep in the loop with some of the brands once stocked in the Paper-Doll boutique, or find out about exciting new Canadian labels, follow fashioncanonline on Instagram. We'll be posting sale notices and sneak previews of upcoming seasons.

What's in store for Paper-Doll? Hopefully a slow resurrection of this blog and an updated Designer Database. If you have ideas of what you'd like to see, contact us!
Wanted: A Peace Treaty
July 10, 2013
Never one to be drawn to delicate jewelry, A Peace Treaty consistently appeals to me.
Bags don't come easily to me. I have been on a never ending quest to find the perfect bag, and in that quest I refuse to settle for less, which actually means settling for the absolute minimum - a printed canvas tote. Today I found a bag that makes me happy, and it shouldn't surprise me that it's actually just a grown up version of the canvas tote - a leather tote with copper accented straps by Scout and Catalogue. Sometimes simple really is best.
An unlikely clothing choice to be pining over at the very start of summer (during a heat wave, no less) - but these warrant it. How beautiful are BZR's Ombre tights?
Shining a spotlight on independent Canadian fashion.