mini for many, the younger, more affordable sister label to Swedish darling minimarket has just released a sneak peak of their SS'11 collection.

Osborn is a company that I follow very closely. Not only do they produce an outstanding product, but they do it in a way that is respectful, sustainable and fair. Osborn is a social enterprise that works with a small team of gifted artisans in Guatemala. Each shoe is produced by hand in a sweat-shop free environment that fosters the continuation of a craft that may otherwise be lost.

A sizzling new 2011 collection from We Are Handsome.
For various reasons, I don't often review my own purchases on this site. However, there is a recent purchase I can't not sing the praises off: 80%20 Eliotte Toggle Booties. After a night of dancing and trudging through the slushy streets of Toronto, I couldn't believe how comfortable they are.

Some other Eliottes I now have my eye on:
Visit: 80%20.
Now that I'm back in the frozen wonderland that is Canada I'm drawn to anything that can keep me warm, including once shunned ear muffs. Little Fille designer Mari Santos has reinvented the grade-school relic into a chic winter accessory that promises to add a spark to drab winter days (and wardrobes).

Not limited to ear muffs, Little Fille is a full range of beautiful headbands for all seasons and occasions all lovingly made by hand.
At the start of the year we ended our stay in lovely Berlin and headed back to Toronto. All free time was suddenly consumed with a design of a new kind as we tried to frantically furnish a new space. Finally, we are almost there, and now I can focus my attention back on all things fashion related. Thanks for your patience! It will be rewarded soon with the SS'11 Designer Database, a new round-up of deals and discounts from our favourite retailers and some exciting contests and give-aways!
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