Beyond my budget, but definitely drool worthy. I'm usually attracted to slightly more delicate pieces, but this limited edition necklace by Iosselliani made me stop to take a second (and third and fourth...) look. Available from Bona Drag.

I recently discovered a nicely edited independent boutique based in Italy that features a great in-house line with the same name - Shampalove. The Cosmic Dress in the above video is from their AW11 collection.

A fashion film by Belle Sauvage, showcasing their AW11 collection.

A collaboration between designer Alexi Freeman and photographer Tom Blachford using thousands of photographs to create this incredible stop motion video of Freeman's AW11 collection.
On March 20th Birds of North America, Valerie Dumaine, Larry and many other Canadian designers will be showing custom designed pieces at Walk the Truth, a charity runway show and gala benefiting Africa's Children - Africa's Future. If you're in the Ottawa area, use this as an excuse to get dressed up, support Canadian designers, and contribute to invaluable HIV/AIDS related programming.
SGC N-Y-C is the new kid on the block. The cool laid back kid you want to be friends with. Designer Jason took a few minutes to participate in our Interview Series

Paper-Doll: How did you get into fashion design?
SGC N-Y-C:I was doing graphic design tee shirts for TV shows. The more I worked in that arena the more I learned about fabrics, cuts and the whole process. I am self taught so without that experience not sure if I would have taken this path in my life.

What is the first thing you designed (personally or professionally)?
The first shirt I ever designed from pattern to finish was our Semi-Sheer Black Zip Jumper. It is still in our shop and it is still our best seller. You canít really beat that.

When did you launch your own label?
We are relatively new but couldnít be happier with the reaction so far. I am just really excited for the future.

What inspires you / your work?
I think I say this all the time but it is just so many things. To be a designer you have to be so perceptive and always let people and your surroundings inspire you. So New York is high on my list. I grew up with old movies and those feeling are always there but it really can be anything.
Describe your SSí11 Collection.
It is based on the idea of youthfulness, individuality and New York. But in reality it is hard to describe something that the consumer really defines. The combination of everything we produce is to create that image and maintain it.

What is your favourite piece from your SSí11 Collection?
We have a black leather cross tank that has been selling so well. It also has been worn by some bands and people in creative fields. So that makes us feel good.

Did you have a personal soundtrack or a favourite album that you listened to while working on SSí11?
We are such big music fans and I love new music but for the most part I have been listening to the same music for the last 15 years. Dinosaur Jr., This Mortal Coil, The Go-Betweens, The Seeds , Psychic TV, Os Mutantes , Beat Happening, Nick Cave, Jeffery Lewis, Magnetic Fields, Black Flag , Jacqueline Taieb, Serge Gainsburg, Air France, The Avalanches, Pulp, Patti Smith, Hercules and The Love Affair, ESG , Gun club, Hot Chip , Joy Division.

I could go on for ever with this part of the interview so I will stop.
What area of your work do you enjoy the most?
Getting out and meeting so many creative people. We have build up so many relationships with people we really respect. It has been so great to see how many good people there are out there.

What is the most difficult aspect of your job?
I think it has to do with how information is digested. With all these blogs and websites, it is easier to get you name out there but people make an instantaneous judgment. They donít take into account any of your hard work or circumstances. I think if you come from a creative background you are just more open to a persons work.

What is the most surprising thing that has happened to you as a designer?
The most surprising thing is how there are still people out there that support you and are really positive on what you are creating.

If you could collaborate with any designer / artist / musician / etc. on a single project, who would it be and what would you do?
I know most people say some big name here but that really isnít our style. I think with this answer and then the answer below you will see the dichotomy in our style. I think I would love to design with Ambra Medda, the co-founder and director of Art Basil Design Miami. She has a natural elegance that doesnít exist anymore.

If you could design a wardrobe for any one person (past/present/real/fictional), who would it be?
See now the person I design a wardrobe for I want the exact opposite. I would love to design for a real raw girl like Raquel Nave or Laura Hader. No matter what you make for them, they will add their attitude and just make it so real.
How would you describe your own personal style?
My own style is simple but different. I donít think you have to over dress to get attention. I wear a tee shirt and jeans and people always are like I love your style. To me I am not wearing anything that would warrant that. More about a feeling I guess.

What is your favourite item in your personal wardrobe?
I have a pair of jeans that have a whole in the backside. I have been wearing those for years now and I have a vintage leather jacket from my father that I will keep in my wardrobe forever.

Where do you shop for clothes when you're not wearing your own?
There are million great shops in New York- Alter in Brooklyn is great, Steven Alan, Oak, Suite Orchard, Self Edge. Even with all that sadly I do a lot of shopping online. Bona Drag link is my favorite for women and for men End Clothing. link

What is on your current fashion wish list?
You heard about the hole in the jeans so, I really need a pair of jeans. I would love a pair of light weight pants for summer.

What fashion trend would you not be caught dead in?
We donít worry too much about trends. It is more about personal style. We have some great friends that are so natural and creative with the current 70s trend. Then you go to one of these knock off stores and it just doesnít work.

What is the one item that every woman should have in her closet?
For the summer you canít beat a great tank top. You can wear it to the park, the beach, a concert, to dinner or out. It is so versatile as long as the fit is perfect.
What is your favourite thing about the city you live in?
New York has everything you want as far as artistically and life style wise. But it also can be very isolationist which you need every once in a while.

If you couldnít be a fashion designer, what other area of interest would you like to explore?
Since I was about 15 I always wanted to take my motorcycle out to South Dakota and just live in the Mountains and work as a guide and read. Not sure if that will ever happen in my life but you never know.

What is next for your label?
Starting in April we are going to have a monthly collaboration series. We teamed up with some great musicians, models, bloggers and together we designed a couple pieces for each month. I couldnít be happier with the people and the work so far. I canít wait for everybody to see it.

Visit: SGC N-Y-C
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