Jennifer Glasgow
Montreal, Canada
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The Prairies is in her heart but Montreal is where it is at for Jennifer Glasgow. With a Bachelor of fine Arts under her belt, and having worked as a welder, video tech, window dresser and seamstress she came to Quebec with an open slate and nothing holding her back. She soon found herself creating extraordinary costumes for drag queens, dancers and performance artists alike. In 1998, Jennifer traveled to the Banff School of Art, learning the precise art of ballet, opera and theatre headdresses. With a new bag of tricks under her hat, she was sought after by the Cirque du Soleil where she helped create and recreate some of the finest hats seen on stage.

Her adventure under the Big Top prompted her to venture off on her own with great technical and creative experience. In 2003, she and two friends opened Local 23, a community based store in the burgeoning artistic area of The Mile End in Montreal, Quebec. Due to a great demand for unique, Montreal based designer clothing, a second boutique, General 54 was born. A second store only a block away from the first, yet bursting at the seams with Glasgow’s own collections and those of over 40 different Canadian designers!

Never for lack of inspiration, Jennifer continues to reach out to the women of the Prairies, the mountains, the peaks and valleys by producing clothing with heart and soul. She could fix your car, play you a tune or weld your gate but fashion has found a creative and inspired designer with staying power.