Eve Gravel
Montreal, Canada
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Originally from Chicoutimi, Eve Gravel left her native Saguenay at the young age of 16 to study at the prestigious Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design in Ottawa. She then continued on to Montreal to study for another three years under various eminent designers, including Georges Lévesque.

In spring 2002, after a life-altering six-month stay in Europe, the talented designer created her first ready-to-wear collection for women. The Eve Gravel label was born!

Since the very beginning, inspired by her travels, music, and street fashion, Eve Gravel's collections have embraced the designer's signature duality. Her beloved chromatic trio black, gray, white flirts with more colourful shades as easily in summer as it does in winter, in clever combinations of structure, volume, and fluidity.

Each season brings new offerings of unique, contemporary pieces that are flirty and feminine, with a touch of tomboy, like the designer herself. Eve Gravel creates comfortable, stylish clothes that are perfect for any occasion, whether for work or a night out on the town. The designer creates original and exciting fashion that adds a touch of freshness and novelty to the everyday and complements the lifestyle of the modern woman.