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Birds of North America is a line of vintage-classic clothing for women designed by Hayley Gibson. The line was founded in 2007 and is available in boutiques across Canada and the USA. Birds of North America collections are entirely manufactured in Canada using high quality materials and methods of construction. The flattering cuts and unique vision of the line has fostered a community of loyal followers.

Hayley was born and raised in Victoria, BC, on the West Coast of Canada. She developed an interest in sewing as a child and gradually progressed from small hand-sewn projects to disassembling and reconstructing vintage clothing. She graduated from Ryerson University’s Fashion Design program in Toronto in 2002. Hayley spent several years working in custom tailoring, first as an apprentice, and later under her own label before starting Birds of North America in 2007. Hayley most loves working directly with clothing and she still does the design, pattern making, fitting and sewing of a final sample herself for every single style.

In Birds of North America you will find elements from Hayley’s childhood such as school uniforms, boating paraphernalia, sun-faded fabrics and vintage clothing, as well as unusual colour blocking and graphic pop elements. Her unique design aesthetic results in collections that are both nostalgic and modern. Hayley uses clothing, images and text to communicate her feelings about the complexities of human experience and the fragility of life.